Help in Negotiations

Rather than deal with separate loyalties, conflicts of interest, or -at best- serve as a transaction broker, the exclusive buyer's agent actively helps negotiate for you and your best interests.

Full Disclosure

An exclusive buyer's agent can divulge material information regarding properties that can affect the price and terms of the contract.

Same Sales Fee

The exclusive buyer's agent normally shares the Sales Fee with the listing office just as transaction brokers do. Therefore, there is no additional cost to you, the buyer.

Why Should I Use an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

Your working relationship with Adelva Johnston is exclusive, personal, confidential and based on trust. The advantages of an exclusive buyer's agent are many:

Complete Loyalty

The fiduciary relationship is always with the buyer and never with the seller. Loyalty is not required in transaction brokerage.

Total Confidentiality

An exclusive buyer's agent is not hindered by any ties to the seller and can thus maintain the necessary confidence of the trust relationship.

Total Focus on Buyers

Because an exclusive buyer's agency represents only buyers 100% of the time, all energies and education are focused on ways of serving and helping them.

Comprehensive Search of Available Properties

There are no limitations to "in house" or Multiple Listing Service (MLS) properties. Unlisted and for-sale-by-owner properties can also be included.

Representation with Builders

If you choose to build your new home, an exclusive buyer's agent actively represents your best interests.

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